Different options on How to Migrate to New Zealand

If you are planning to migrate to New Zealand you do not have to panic because it is not hard to do so as it might be to other countries. New Zealand is a country that will give you great experience and you can be assured that you will enjoy your stay in the country no matter what you will be doing. There are a lot of options on how to migrate to New Zealand. It is good to understand all these options so that you can select the category in which you need to make your application. To assist you when making the application, this article offers you some of the major ways on how to migrate to New Zealand.

Beautiful sunset over the bend of the river Clutha with Southern Alps peaks on the horizon, New Zealand

Skilled migrant

In order to be eligible when emigrating to New Zealand as a skilled migrant you should meet all the basic visa requirements set by the government. In order to be eligible, you should be fifty six years and below. You and you family should also meet character, health and English ability requirements. In addition to this, you should also be able to meet a pass mark of one hundred points in the point system in order to register an expression of interest.


You and your partner or any other family member must complete a health declaration in the Expression of Interest stage to make sure that you meet all the health requirements set.


The New Zealand government considers a person with good character as someone who does not pose any threat and is unlikely to have been imprisoned before. You should also not have been deported from any other country or involved in any criminal activity before.

English language

All applicants under this skilled migrant category including all those who are aged sixteen years and above accompanying you to the country must meet all the English language requirements.

New Zealand business visa

The major objective of the New Zealand business visa category is to take part in helping the economy to grow. The government aims to attract investors, business owners and entrepreneurs in the country. The business categories under the policy can either be a permanent residence or for temporary entry with the option to become a residence after some years working in the country.

Long term business

This is temporary entry category that is a special work for residence category that helps facilitate the entry of people who have interesting in establishing business opportunities in the country. These are people who would like to make an exploration of their options before making application of permanent residency.

Business residence

You qualify for residence in the country as an investor, an employee of a business that is relocating in the country or entrepreneur. There is the investor category that aims to bring more skilled business people who have capital to make investment in the country. It gives them the opportunity to be granted residence if they meet the criteria set for qualification. There is also the entrepreneur category that aims to bring more applicants who can show that they have been actively taking part in business and contributing to the development of New Zealand economy. Lastly there is the employee of relocating business which facilitates the entry of employees of those businesses that want to relocate to New Zealand, who do not have the qualification for residence under any other category provided.

New Zealand family visas

The main aim of family sponsored stream is to assist in reuniting families in New Zealand by offering a residence visa to the members of the family of New Zealand residents and citizens.

The family category

You qualify for this category if you are related to a New Zealand resident or citizen. In order to be eligible you must have a relationship to your sponsor as a parent, partner, dependent child, brother, adult child or sister.

Family quota

The country immigration offers a number of opportunities each year for families to be reunited under the family quota category. It helps process application for those members who are ineligible for a New Zealand residence visa under other categories.

New Zealand work permit/visa

The objective of this visa and permit policy is to make contribution to the development of the country economy and industry by attracting the skilled migrants. Work permits/visas are provided on temporary residence basis meaning that they give specification of the maximum amount of time that you are given the opportunity to work and live in the country. To ensure that you qualify for the New Zealand work visa/permit you should have good character and heath, have a valid passport and have a genuine intention to work in the country lawfully for a specified time.

Generally there are two streams of work permits/visas in the country. There is the skilled team that consists of four broad policies and a small group of other categories which facilitates the entry of people with a lot of skills. There is also the family stream that gives opportunity for partners who hold work permits of visas to undertake temporary employment in the country.

With a New Zealand work visa, you will have the opportunity to travel to New Zealand and your permit will be given once you arrive in the country. Citizens from New Zealand or those with residence permits do not require permit to work in the country.

Work to residence category

This is another popular way to qualify for residence in New Zealand. Successful applicants have the ability to make use of a temporary visa or permit as a step towards settling permanently in the country. Here there are usually four streams in this work to residence policy which are usually multi entry visas that give permit holders the opportunity to work in the country for two years before becoming eligible to become residence. All applicants must be able to meet the health, character, age requirements for all the categories above in order to be able to migrate to New Zealand and live without issues with the authorities.